Your Grace is Enough

In October of 2018, I was just seven months into my recovery journey. I knew going in that I would be tested, many times. That’s the nature of recovery. It isn’t linear. It’s bumpy and rough and a fight every step of the way.

That fact was made so very real to me on October 10, when Hurricane Micheal slammed into the Florida Panhandle at category five strength. With my foundation shaken to its core, I renewed my promise of surrender and allowed God’s grace to sustain me through the aftermath. As He had been since the moment my knees had hit the floor in sincere and complete supplication, God walked beside me, lifted and carried me when needed, and grew the seeds of hope and faith He’d planted in my soul.

Through the devastation of Michael, the daunting aftermath, and the long road to healing, I learned and accepted these three truths. First, we are not meant to escape the trials and tribulations of this world, we’re meant to experience them. They are the impetus for our dependence on God. Second, God never abandons us, not even in our darkest moments. He waits patiently and lovingly for us to call upon Him. And third, God’s love for us is overwhelming and unconditional. He accepts us just as we come, sins and all, and showers His grace and mercy upon us, reminding us that in Him, all things are made new.

It’s been for years since Michael, and I’m reminded of these truths daily. The barren trees are green again. The battered landscape is healing. The scars are fading. We are all healing.

I’m four years into my recovery journey, and like the new growth happening all around me, His grace and promise continue to grow within me. I do not dwell on yesterday, nor do I fear tomorrow, I live fully, presently, and with gratitude, each blessed moment He grants me.

Our daughter Nichole fishing off the dock overlooking the calm blue waters around our home. It’s images like this one that uplift and inspire me. These are the moments that feed my soul. | Image captured by our other daughter, Emma Rose.

In need of a miracle,

after facing the storm.

Healing our cities,

our lives, and our homes.

Turning the destruction,

into beauty again.

Filling our spirits,

as each day begins.

Reminding us even,

as our hearts hurt and grieve,

that You are the giver,

of this life, we’ve received.

No battles before us,

will our weary souls face,

that you have not shattered,

with Your unfailing grace.

In the midst of our struggles,

from the ashes, we’ll rise.

For it’s Your hand that steadies,

the winds and the tides.

Showering Your mercy,

willing weak hearts to trust,

that in every storm,

Your Grace is enough.

JN Fenwick (© 2018-2022) | mothjournal14

Authors Note: I wrote this poem back in 2018, during that first year of recovery from the hurricane. It made its way into the first of two books I contributed to and edited. In the Eye of the Storm and In the Aftermath of the Storm tell the stories of our survival, our hope, and our rebuilding in the words, poetry, images, and artwork of so many amazing people who lived through and survived the devastation. Being part of this project was an experience I’ll never forget. I’m so grateful to all who contributed to the books, supported us through the process, and purchased and shared our work. Proceeds from both books raised thousands of dollars for the Hurricane Micheal Relief Fund.

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