In the Aftermath of the Storm

In the Aftermath of the Storm, released on Amazon on October 3, 2019, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Michael. Like its predecessor, In the Eye of the Storm, this follow-up book is a collaborative effort, filled with stories, poetry, and images from the Florida Panhandle during the year following that day last October that changed our lives and our home forever.  

This past year has brought many changes. While some areas are showing signs of recovery and rebuilding, other areas look just as they did the morning after the storm. None of us who survived that day emerged unchanged. Whether it was the destruction all around us or the grief we carried in our hearts, October 10, 2018 will forever be a defining moment in our lives.

In the Aftermath of the Storm continues our story. It’s been a year of tears and grief, a year of frustration and disappointment, a year of hope and healing. The road ahead is long, but by the grace of God and the strength of our faith and conviction, we will go on. We will continue rebuilding. We will continue moving forward. But we will never forget.

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Everyone should order these two books. I couldn’t read either of them fast enough. I live here and lived through Hurricane Michael it was very hard to read the stories at times. I cried and I smiled. These will be going into my cedar chest for my grandson who endured some of the worst of the storm. Someday he will be my age and will be able to share this with his grandchildren.