Seeds of Hope

I’ve learned many things as I’ve walked this path of recovery, but the lessons that stand out most are those I learned during moments that tested my faith and demanded much from my soul. … More Seeds of Hope

Your Grace is Enough

That’s the nature of recovery. It isn’t linear. It’s bumpy and rough and a fight every step of the way. … More Your Grace is Enough

You Ask Me How I Made it Through the Darkness?

And there amid the darkness, I saw a brilliant light, burning through the shadows, with strength to win this fight. I heard a gentle whisper, the sweetest I’d ever known, “I’ve got you now, My beloved child. I’ll bring you safely home.” JN Fenwick  (© 2019-22) Why do we only become open in our hour of … More You Ask Me How I Made it Through the Darkness?

Prayers from the Foxhole

by JN Fenwick, Author, In the Eye of the Storm, In the Aftermath of the Storm, and Four Weeks: A Journey from Darkness How life taught me the value of spiritually walking with God daily, rather than simply seeking Him in times of need. God is steadfast, the world is not. Relying on His presence … More Prayers from the Foxhole

Becoming My Own Champion

One of the things I did during the first few months into my recovery was to write letters to myself six, nine, eighteen, twenty-four months into the future. Handwritten and sealed in envelopes, they became lifelines. Poignant reminders of how far I’d come. Encouragement to continue the journey. I read them often. Below is an … More Becoming My Own Champion