Facing addiction, alcoholism, grief, and despair, are journeys of the soul that must be faced alone. These journeys feel more like battles, but they open us to healing and to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our Creator than we'd ever know until we face them.

Oh, the Burdens We Carry

It's one thing to own your mistakes. It's quite another to allow them to define you. To continue to carry them long after the lessons have been learned.

You Ask Me How I Made it Through the Darkness?

And there amid the darkness, I saw a brilliant light, burning through the shadows, with strength to win this fight. I heard a gentle whisper, the sweetest I’d ever known, “I’ve got you now, My beloved child. I’ll bring you safely home.”JN Fenwick  (© 2019-22) Why do we only become open in our hour of deepest …

Becoming My Own Champion

It's fear of the unknown that freezes us in place and prevents us from moving forward. It's faith and hope that lead us out of darkness. We just have to be willing to take that first step. To trust in something so much greater than ourselves. And to surrender everything to the light within us. …

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