The Heroes of my Life

Happy Father’s Day in Heaven Dad, and to my husband, the two great heroes of my life.

Image from Adobe Stock Images | Licensed for use

The first great hero,

my young heart ever knew,

was the man who taught me as I grew.

Who shared in all my joys,

and dried so many tears.

Admonished with a word,

and vanquished all my fears.

Who guided all my steps,

and taught me wrong from right.

Who let me spread my wings,

stood back as I took flight.

Who gave his all to us,

my sisters and my brothers.

Showed us how to love,

Through the love he gave our mother.

Until on that sacred day,

a woman fully grown,

my first hero walked me down the aisle,

and gave me to hero of my own.

JN Fenwick (© 2019-22)

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