In the Aftermath of the Storm

When Hurricane Micheal slammed into our cities last October, he took more with him than just our trees, our businesses, our homes. He took pieces of us. Memories we’d planted long ago. The world outside has moved on. But we, we are still living in the aftermath. Like the many cities destroyed before us by …

Hurricane Michael: Five Things the World Should Know

“Everyone here has a story of loss they struggle to describe and recovery they cannot yet comprehend.” 1. There was no way to adequately prepare. We'd done this before, many of us, more than once; prepared for the possibility of a hurricane visiting us during the Season. We were used to Summer ushering in, not …

Northwest Florida Spring Hop

The panhandle of Florida is home to not only the World's Most Beautiful Beaches, but also to many gorgeous natural springs abundant with local wildlife. My daughter, Emma and her beau, Jason spend most every weekend exploring these often overlooked locations, capturing their trips on their YouTube channel, Paddle Blues.

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