It's flown proudly in front of homes across America. It soars above federal, state, and public buildings. It's displayed in classrooms, at cemetaries, at sporting events, and parades. It symbolizes American freedom and liberty. And while, the history of the Stars and Stripes is a colorful one, it is generally acknowledged that June 14, 1777 is the birthdate of the United States Flag.


There's too much division in the world today. Too much focus is placed on our differences. When, in reality, we are all part of the same race --- the human race. More than that, we're created in His image and loved unconditionally just as we are.

America Wasn’t Founded by Heroes

As we celebrate this Fourth of July, I am reminded of the years I taught American History and how important and consequential that calling was. If our history as a Nation is not celebrated, learned from, and protected, then who are we as Americans? And more importantly, who will we become? The ideals aspired to …


With a grateful heart to those who gave all, those who continue to give all, and to all those left behind to carry on in their memory.JN Fenwick | Memorial Day, 2022 Beautiful image from Shutterstock | Licensed for use. Sacrifice. Such a simple word. Three syllables that when executed require so much of us. …