It’s been 22 years since 9/11. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when my sister called and urged me to turn on the television. Still clutching the phone, I stood horrified, not certain what I was seeing until the second plane came into view.

We said we’d never forget.

Though we’ve not forgotten the horror of September 11, 2001, we have forgotten the unity that followed.

We may not have forgotten the patriotism and faith that rose out of all those ashes, but we have neglected it.

We’ve not forgotten the connection we felt or the strength we gleaned from each other as the tragedy unfolded, but we haven’t nurtured it either.

No, we haven’t forgotten September 11th, but we’ve failed to remember September 12th.

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The smoke cleared.
A new day dawned.
We were forever changed.
As a nation. As communities.
As families. As individuals.
First by shock, then by grief, 
until finally there was only sorrow. 
We watched, we cried, we prayed.
Forever marked, irrevocably altered.
We marched forward united.
Shoulder to shoulder. 
Bearing the anguish. 
We prayed for those lost.
For those who rose up.
For those who gave all.
We pledged they’d never be forgotten.
That they did not die in vain. 
We vowed our Nation would rise stronger.
Standing firm and indivisible.
United under God. 
We renewed our commitment to freedom,
proudly saluted our flag, 
and pledged allegiance to our country.
As morning dawned we stood united. 
Transformed by grief, but fortified by faith.
September 11th was meant to weaken us.
September 12th united us, reminding us 
just how strong we truly are.
JN Fenwick (© 2018-2023) | mothjournal14

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