With a grateful heart to those who gave all, those who continue to give all, and to all those left behind to carry on in their memory.

JN Fenwick | Memorial Day, 2022

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Such a simple word.

Three syllables that when executed

require so much of us.

More than our desires.

More than our very lives.

For to sacrifice means

to place another’s happiness,

another’s wellbeing before our own.

To give beyond giving.

To champion a cause

greater than ourselves.

To fight for truth worth dying for.


Such a simple word.

But where would we be now,

if not for those who were willing?

Those who came before.

Those who demonstrated

with their last breath,

their unwavering faith.

In freedom.

In America.

In this last best hope of mankind.

JN Fenwick (© 2021-22) | mothjournal14

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