God’s love is enduring. His faithfulness never ends. It is this truth that sustains us through the trials and losses of this life.

Today, our beautiful Mom would’ve turned 83.

My five siblings and I, along with our families were very close to Mom. As such, we all looked after her and shared time with her as we’d promised Dad we would before his death in 2010.

Our parents celebrated fifty years of marriage and a lifetime of love before God called Dad home. Mom, faithful and loving to his memory, missed him til the end.

When she passed unexpectedly in 2021, we drew comfort from that. In knowing that they were together again. Our faith ensures us that we’ll see them again. Knowing this sustains us in their absence. We miss them every day.

Our parents taught us many things, but the most important was and remains this. Love is the most enduring force in the universe. And God’s love and faithfulness are the most enduring of all.

God’s love for us, manifested in His Son, Jesus Christ, is unconditional. Christ’s death and resurrection are God’s pure love poured out for all mankind.

In her final words, written to us in a letter, Mom conveyed her gratitude to God for His mercy and blessings. She thanked Him for her wonderful husband and children, and her many beautiful grandchildren. Though she never got to meet her, she was able to see pictures of her first great-granddaughter, Grace, before her death. Her second great-grandchild, Grace’s little sister Rose, was born this year.

“Remember God’s two greatest commandments,” Mom wrote in closing, “To love the Lord, your God, with your whole heart and soul and being, and your neighbor as yourself, and each other.”

Hers is a legacy of faith and love. One that we are honored to live and pass on to our own children and grandchildren, just as she and Dad taught us.

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Nothing in this world,

can stop love when it’s real.

Not distance.

Not time.

Not doubt.

Not fear.

No barrier exists,

that can alter love’s course.

No obstacle.

No hardship.

No storm.

No wall.

No force exists,

that can defeat love’s power.

To heal.

To free.

To withstand.

To forgive.

Nothing in this world,

can stop love when it’s real.

Nothing on Earth,

in Heaven or below it,

is more enduring.

When it’s real.

Love bears all things.

Believes all things.

Hopes all things.

And it never ends.

JN Fenwick (©2023) | mothjournal14 |

| 1 Corinthians 13 |

JN Fenwick (©2023)

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