And So, With Faith I Pray

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in times of struggle and conflict, it is this, with enough faith and hope we can overcome anything. Regardless of the world outside, we are not forgotten. For God sees our struggles and feels our pain. Through Him, we are granted the strength and the courage we need to overcome and prevail. 

In the chaos and uncertainty of this time, it is with faith in God and love for one another that we are called, as His children, to be a light in the darkness, a voice in the wilderness. And so with faith, I pray for our world.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it,” (John 1:5). | Image from Shutterstock | Licensed for use

Dear Lord, we come to You,

with open hearts, with open minds.

We humbly ask for Your guidance,

that Your will be done. 

We gratefully acknowledge 

Your presence, and Your promise,

knowing You stand before us,

in all things great and small.

That Your mercy and grace,

are our shield and our fortress.

That Your love is abundant,

that You never leave us.

We humbly beseech You,

may Your strength be upon us, 

so we may endure the tasks,

You’ve set before us.

May we surrender our desires,

to Your blessed keeping.

May we seek to forgive,

just as we’ve been forgiven.

May we thirst to sew peace,

and to be slow to anger.

Lord, we come to You,

with grateful hearts, 

and humble spirits.

May we fulfill the duties

that You’ve laid upon us,

to be Your voice in the wilderness,

and Your light in the darkness

We pray all these things 

in Your holy name.


JN Fenwick (© 2021-2022)