Video Posts from mothjournal14

Video effects and music can be added to still images for social media, story posts and ads.

Motionleap is great for this. I can take a simple black background or still image, with text added in Adobe Spark Post ( or another program), and transform it into a short video with motion, overlay effects, and music and in Motionleap.

Below are just a few video posts from this past year.

Created by JN Fenwick | @mothjournal14 | ©2020 | All rights reserved.

Simple black and white with overlay effect.

Still photography with light leak overlay. Image by Gary M. Adcock, 2020. Used with permission.

Simple black and white with overlay and music added. Song, Breathe, by Emma Rose. Used with permission.

Still photography with simple iridescent overlay. Image by Emma Rose Fenwick, 2020. Used with permission.

Black and white stock image with sun stains overlay.

Still photography background with cloud motion added.

from my heart to yours.