I began playing around with video poetry, incorporating images and music to bring my words to life. It’s been gratifying, the number of likes and shares these compilations have brought @mothjournal14 on social media.

After experimenting with various platforms and products, I have found the following to be the most efficient and the best options for the money. While I am not getting paid to endorse them, I do get asked a lot what programs I am using, so I thought I’d share that here for those interested.

I have found Adobe Spark Video to be the most user friendly for a novice like myself. It’s intuitive and includes quite a bit of flexibility, even in the free version. I played around with it and others for a while before committing. I now pay a very reasonable monthly subscription, which allows greater access to tools and perks, and removes the Adobe Spark logo from my finished products. I’ve found it easy to create, even using the app on mobile devices. The subscription does include access to the desktop as well.

I use Shutterstock for many of the images in my videos, as well as my posts. Last year, I finally began paying for a monthly subscription so I could use the images in print, as well as for social media posts. The subscription includes licensing for a set number of downloads per month. I have found Shutterstock to have the widest range of images and sizes including vector images, which are scalable without sacrificing image quality.

Additionally, I have found a few royalty-free music albums through iTunes that have provided me with a variety of instrumental, as well as popular tunes. Having the option to purchase songs individually or buy an entire album has been great, as some of the compilations available have only one or two songs I’m interested in. Some of the albums I’ve purchased in their entirety include The Royalty-Free Soundtrack Library, Royalty-Free Music, Royalty-Free Music, and Inspirational Songs, and Best Short songs and Piano Music Interludes. There are many more, but I’ve found these collections to have just about everything I’m looking for.

Finally, for picture editing and layout, I use Adobe Photoshop. I usually do my editing and picture designing on a desktop, but I have found that Photoshop Express is quite effective and easy to use from my mobile devices too. I have been using Adobe products for over twenty years now, both personally and in my job, and have always been very happy with the ease of use, the application of new knowledge and skills as I proceed, and most definitely the results.

One last recent gem I found is a little app called Motionleap. Formally called Pixaloop, this app is only available for iPhone and iPad, but it’s a pretty powerful little tool. It allows you to take still photos and create motion, apply overlays, add effects, and also add music, either from their stock library, which is pretty good and also from your own videos. The monthly subscription fee is very reasonable, in my opinion, since I use it constantly. In retrospect, I could most likely create some of the same effects using Photoshop, but honestly, I’m just not that good, and this program takes much of the work off my shoulders. It allows me to create on the fly, save, or post immediately if I want.

Check out the links below for just a few of the video poetry compilations I’ve created using the tools I’ve mentioned. You can also visit me on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, to see more video posts and stories.

from my heart to yours.