In the Eye of the Storm #1

In the middle of the raging storm,the wind grew still, the light took form.All was calm for a single breath,as I passed through the valley of death.In the silence, my voice cried out, take my fear, Lord, take my doubt.Deliver me from this violent storm,Protect my soul, Lord, bruised and torn. Then, above the wind, I heard [...]

In the Eye of the Storm Released

In their own words. In their own images. The survivors. Their Stories. In the Eye of the Storm: Storis of Survival and Hope from the Florida Panahandle relesased today on Amazon (Hardcopy and eBook). With contributions from: Malinda Adams, Linda Artman, Jessica Ayers, Jared Brooks, Heather Clements, Ashly Davis, Jason Davis, Kevin Elliot, Emma Fenwick, [...]

Side by Side

Every weekend they visitedthese springs, paddling their kayak in and out of moss leaden grovescapturing the wonder on film,nestling it firmly in their hearts. They rejoiced in the simplicity.This masterpiece hand-craftedby nature, marveling that somethingso majestic existed, right outside their door. They treasured these moments.This communion with natureand the magic living,breathing all around them. But that was [...]

Before and After

Before and after. Just words really. Used to describe a snapshot in time. Before I met you. After you were born. Not much thought given, until now.Before is all that was. Before the storm.Before the destruction. Before our lives were stripped bare and broken. Before this unrelenting heartbreak. Before.After is all that is. After that day.After the storm had passed.After we were [...]

These Long, Broken Roads

These long and broken roads stretch out before us.The twists and turns so visible now. The landscape, our cities, and homes, so clearly altered and hurting. These scars stretch for miles.Constant and painful reminders of all we lost that day. That day the winds grew violent. That day their full and utter fury shatteredthe world around [...]

Through the damage, light exists. Life awaiting the healing. Time covering the wounds. Scars appearing in their place. Signifying strength. A testimony of survival. All that’s broken becomes the catalyst. For transformation. For the hard-won knowledge, that even in the darkness, life prevails. © 2018 Jennifer N. FenwickPhoto by Nichole Fenwick In the Eye of the Storm: Stories of Survival [...]