In the middle of indescribable destruction, faith stands. Photo by Laura McManus The sound of hammering.The rapid staccato of nail guns.Neighbors getting new roofs.Shingles and metalreplacing blue tarps.Up and down streets,storage pods sit sheltering valuables saved,as interiors are gutted and renewed.Progress.Businesses reopening,a few at a time.Doing their best to serveravaged communities.Some will never return.Some have returned a bit [...]

Our Story

Crushed. The weight of the world Across weary shoulders. When did this load Get so heavy? How did all this brokenness  Come to be? When will it ease? This burden carried  Since that day? How will this story end? For it will. That’s how stories are. Just, please tell me,  That we’re strong enough  to [...]

Three Miles

They celebrated there.Birthdays. Graduations.Their parent’s 40th Anniversary. It’s gone now. The Fish House.Like everything else on that beach.Like their dad, who passed a few months after they’dcelebrated he and mom’s 50th. They rode there. On Saturday morningsOn the Harley she’d surprisedHim with for his birthday.Wind blown and laughingThey’d always stop in.To grab a bite. For the friendly welcome. It’s gone [...]

Rough Road Ahead

Rough road ahead. Marks the beginning. This road so unlike  Those that came before. Nothing prepares you For the scene that meets the eye. Nothing equips you  For the shortness of breath, The bone-deep heartbreak. This road leads to the center. The eye passed over here. Ground zero it’s called. For miles it continues. For [...]

Hope Finds You

I’ve felt darkness wrap around my soul. I’ve tasted despair in quantities so great, I could not breathe. I’ve felt alone and unworthy. Carried guilt for miles, with only shame for company. I know what it feels like to long for oblivion. To welcome the blank nothingness. To want to let go. To simply cease [...]