Faith Stands

As the winds roar, As the waves rise higher, As fear overcomes, Faith stands. As destruction grows, As devastation overpowers, As the broken cry out, Faith stands. As the world transforms, As the road ahead darkens, As we become weary, Faith stands. As we stumble forward, As the shattering continues, As our broken hearts grieve, [...]

The Strength to Soar

Though I would gladly take her pain. I knew that it would be her own strength that would give her the wings she'd need to soar. An Extraordinary State of Being | Jennifer N. and Nichole Fenwick

I Am With You

I Am With You

Who calmed the wind, And stilled the waves? Gave us strength, In those first days? Provided hope, When there was none? Renewed our faith, With the rising sun? Breathed His life Into our lungs? Cleared the way For the work to be done? Walks with us, Down this broken road? Eases our burdens, Shoulders our [...]