Let Freedom Ring!

Let Freedom Ring!

I taught American History for fifteen years, but have loved and studied history all my life. Some days I get discouraged when I watch the news and see how much of what was fought for by past generations is now being diluted and distilled in modern times. Yes, I do believe in progress. But not [...]

No Escape

Working on the sequel to In the Eye of the Storm, there are so many images around me that continually inspire words. So many of the stories I receive from contributors are hard to get through. The pain is so raw. But then, so is the hope. I find that I am ever grateful that [...]

Faith Stands

As the winds roar, As the waves rise higher, As fear overcomes, Faith stands. As destruction grows, As devastation overpowers, As the broken cry out, Faith stands. As the world transforms, As the road ahead darkens, As we become weary, Faith stands. As we stumble forward, As the shattering continues, As our broken hearts grieve, [...]

There’s Just No Escape

There’s Just No Escape

Traveling home each day, there are reminders everywhere... Miles of piles, and shattered lives. Places that were, but exist no more. Broken soldiers, lining tattered streets. All that’s left, of our once green trees. Snapped into, these soldiers fell. Swept away, within the gale. I used to love, to drive these roads. Where beside the [...]

In the Silent Aftermath

October 10,2018 changed us forever. Surrounded by destruction, it was hard to imagine coming back from this. But at heart, the people of the Florida Panhandle are strong. They are the heroes in this story. The ones who inspire hope and wield inexhaustible strength. This is their story. Told in their own words. In their [...]

In the Eye of the Storm #1 New Release in Natural Disasters

Thank you Neysa Wilkins and WJHG for the beautiful job you did in telling our story. And, In the Eye of the Storm is our story. Our community’s story. Our shared experience. Our belief in each other and our hope for the future. Thank you to all who contributed and allowed me to share their words [...]