There’s Magic in the Night Sky

Wishing on stars isn’t something we leave to childhood. It’s a magic we carry with us that reminds us that innocence isn’t lost as we grow. Image from Shutterstock | Licensed for use Isn’t it amazing, how small we sometimes feel when standing beneath the vast canvas of night sky dotted with the silver light …

The Heroes of my Life

Happy Father’s Day in Heaven Dad, and to my husband, the two great heroes of my life. Image from Adobe Stock Images | Licensed for use The first great hero, my young heart ever knew, was the man who taught me as I grew. Who shared in all my joys, and dried so many tears. …


It doesn't take courage to hit bottom. No, that's an entirely different set of circumstances. But it does take courage to climb your way back up. To acknowledge and believe that strength exists within you. That's what courage is after all. It's digging deep. It's pulling yourself up after the fall. It's moving into the light when it would be so much easier to just give up and sink below the darkness.

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