Surrender is letting go in Faith, knowing God fulfills all His promises. In that moment of surrender, my life changed, because God changed me. His Mercy covers me. His Spirit dwells within me. I do not walk alone. Today, I believe the most beautiful thing about recovery is knowing that I fell apart in the most destructive way imaginable, but by the Grace of God, I not only survived, I began to thrive.

~ JN Fenwick

At heart, I am a historian. Inspired at a young age by my father, history — reading it, studying it, learning from it — became as much a part of my growth and development as my faith and my family. It wasn’t surprising that I became a history teacher.

~ JN Fenwick

I left teaching in 2008, but remain the history nerd I’ve always been. Because teaching is also in my DNA, I started writing and sharing my musings through social media and other outlets. Four years ago, I created this website, which is always evolving but has provided me with an outlet for my passion.

Disclaimer: I approach the study of history pragmatically, applying critical thinking and context. I much prefer dealing with facts over opinions. However, there are times when I do offer my opinions, as well as my own experiences as they relate to the subject matter. My thoughts and opinions are my own and are not offered to disparage or undermine the thoughts or opinions of others.

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