Four Weeks

“Really, I was just keeping a journal, as I always have, during some of the darkest days of my life. It was after I reached the other side that I realized, these words are not simply mine to keep. They tell so much more than just my story. They are the words of everyone of us who has ever battled addiction and loss of control. And they were always meant to be shared.”

~ Jennifer N. Fenwick

For four weeks, I embarked on a journey. In the beginning, I believed it was necessary because I was weak and incapable of fitting into my life. While that was true in many ways, this journey has proven to be about so much more. It quickly became a journey of the spirit that led me from darkness to profound discovery. Discovery of myself, stripped of the fear, shame, guilt, powerlessness, and self-doubt that has ruled most of my life; clouding my way and preventing me from recognizing the truth. And the truth is: I have always been enough.

The poetry and reflections included in Four Weeks come from the journals I kept during my time in treatment for the eating disorder and alcoholism that darkened my life for decades. Four Weeks is my journey from the darkness. More than that, it is my journey from despair to hope. A hope I long to share with others walking the same path I did for so long. Hope exists in each of us, I have learned, it is when we surrender to that hope and to the source from which it flows that we begin to heal.

“This book is not just about four weeks. It is the story of one woman and her desire to reach those in darkness and despair with the warmth and light of hope. Please know if this book has found its way to you, God’s peace, passion, and power of love is a gift for the taking.”

Laura McManus, LCSW

FIVE STARS! “An inspirational story about how God helps us through our struggles when we surrender all to Him. The author is a gifted writer and you can tell from the poetry that the words were laid on her heart by God. Definitely worth the read.” 

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