Remind Us How to Pray

Prayer is our pathway into the fullness of God’s light and His mercy. In times of hardship and struggle, He beckons us to seek Him. In times of abundance and joy, He longs for us to commune with Him. The key to all prayers, I believe, is found in the sincerity and humility with which we submit ourselves to Him.

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God, heal this broken land.

Return our hearts to You.

Guide our steps, 

our thoughts and deeds, 

and all we say and do.

Remind us how to pray, 

with humility and grace,

to seek Your holy presence, 

restore our bonds of faith.

Shower is with patience, 

to place our trust in You,

remind us of Your promises,

fill our souls with truth.

Forgive us of our sins,

our actions that take us away,

from the goodness of Your mercy,

and the beauty of Your grace.

God, heal this broken land,

so lost have we become,

we’ve forgotten how to turn to You,

and the covenant of Your Son.

Remind us of Your faithfulness,

that You are in control,

that through Your word,

You strengthen, Lord,

the union of our souls.

Instill in us Your spirit,

fill our hearts with peace. 

Temper us with undying love,

and dependence that does not cease. 

JN Fenwick (© 2022) | mothjournal14 

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