This is the Most Important Election in the History of Our Country.

by JN Fenwick, author, former history teacher, proud American

Since the birth of our country, and even before, men died for the cause of freedom. They sacrificed everything because they dreamed of a better place and believed it enough to fight for that belief.

From their sacrifice America was born. But they didn’t stop there. They moved forward, guided by the principle that if given the opportunity, people could and would govern themselves. They met in the Summer of 1787 to lay the foundation for what would become the greatest democracy the world has ever seen.

To them, the Constitution wasn’t just for their time, it was for all time. A living document that set forth the structure of our new government.

A representative democracy that separated the powers of each branch, as well as national and state rights and responsibilities; provided checks and balances to ensure no single entity or group could assume, abuse, or seize power not meant to be theirs; and carefully created a system that provided for fair elections in which ALL states had a voice, not just the largest and most populated. Then they included a Bill of Rights to protect individual liberty and opportunity.

They understood that this foundation, this Constitution, would have to be steadfast, but also flexible enough to change with changing times. So, they put in place a process for amending the original document. One that was carefully crafted to encourage change without weakening the foundation.

Since the unanimous ratification of the Constitution in 1788, the Bill of Rights, containing the first ten amendments, was certified in 1791. Only 17 amendments have been added since that time. Most of those extended individual freedoms and rights, while others fortified state’s rights. Our election processes, term limits, and our tax laws were all established through the amendment process. Only one amendment has been repealed, the eighteenth, by the twenty-first which ended prohibition.

Through the years, each successive generation has grown, has stood against tyranny and oppression, has fought diligently to advance, not only our continued success, but to advance human rights and freedoms across the globe. They’ve defended our Constitution and our flag without question and without fail.

We’ve grown as a people and as a country. Righting past wrongs. Defending our principles and strengthening America’s presence in the world.

From humble beginnings, we’ve become a nation of freedom and prosperity for millions of people who continue to come to our shores filled with hope and grateful for the chance to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Now, that very foundation is being challenged. Our system of government, our democracy, our freedoms, our futures are at stake.

In the past few decades, the very things that strengthened us, that made us different from other countries across the globe have been weakened and undermined. Our foundation is crumbling and when it finally collapses, where will we be? What will become of us?

Our education system has let us down. Our justice system, our legislative system, our voting system, our communication system, our democratic processes, and Constitutional rights have all been compromised.

With so much at stake, with so much suppressed by a biased media and tech monopolies, our voices and our right to the free flow of information so that we have all the facts, as we should, upon which to make a sound decision have been suppressed over and over again.

We are engaged in a battle for our very way of life. For the rights and freedoms contained within and protected by our Constitution, for our faith, and for our heritage.

It’s long been held that a civil society need not be governed. Our society, in the last year especially, has been anything but civil. But then, that has been part of the plan, has it not? To instill fear and thereby create a need for bigger government. Government that promises to do for us what we have a responsibility to do for ourselves. And, sadly, it’s working.

We are standing at the precipice and the only thing standing between them and us is the upcoming election.

This election is not just about a changing of the guard. It is about America. What it has stood for since it’s beginning, and what it will become if the powers working to reimagine it aren’t stopped.

Our election process is the only thing left at our disposal and our voice has never been more important.

Yet, we are left to exercise that right, to sound our voice, in a system that has also been hijacked and compromised at every turn. We are required to trust in a process that is no longer trustworthy, but what other choice do we have?

While their power is at stake, America’s future, our future is on the line. Our voices must be heard. Loudly, decisively, and without hesitation or fear.

How? Go to the polls on November 3. Exercise your right to vote. In person, mindful of the tactics that may be used to usurp your choice, and diligent in your efforts to protect it.

That is your right. Protected by our Constitution. Ensured by the sacrifices of generations past, and exercised in faith for generations to come.

The crossroad is upon us. It is time.

Will America prevail? Will our Democracy endure?

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