An Open Letter to Mainstream and Social Media

To Mainstream and Social Media and those who use them as tools of manipulation and subterfuge:

Your attempts to control the minds and behaviors of we, the people, are not as covert nor as effective as you think. While there are those who buy into your propaganda and rhetoric your fallacy lies in your absolute conviction that your tactics are solid ones.

They’re not. We recognize them for what they are. Manipulation only works on the malleable. But that is a weak foundation upon which to build, for if you can manipulate them, so can others.

We, the people, are not as dumb nor as ignorant as you’d like to believe. We hold dear our faith, our families, our country, and our convictions. We have not been brainwashed. We are not out of touch with reality. We live it every day.

We believe in hard work, in standing up for truth, in supporting our neighbors, our communities, our nation. We do not take these responsibilities lightly. And we never will.

For us, patriotism is not a weakness. It’s a strength. We value our nation’s history, our constitution, our system of government, our freedoms. It’s a cause so many generations before us fought and died for. It is a cause we are willing to sacrifice the same for.

So while your tactics may seem irrefutable to some, they are not full-proof. We’ve encountered them before and we see through them quite clearly.

No answer IS an answer. Refusing to answer a direct question by attacking, deflecting, and/or repeating scripted talking points is a strategy designed to obfuscate the truth.

If the truth was important, if transparency was truly practiced, if public service still actually meant serving the people, then truth would not be something to manipulate and avoid at all costs, it would instead be the foundation, the very building block, upon which everything else stands.

Opinion is NOT fact no matter how often it’s stated, restated, or repeated. No matter how hard you try, you cannot squeeze blood from a turnip. It’s just not there. It’s the same with opinion. You cannot manipulate or manufacture fact from opinion. No matter how crafty you think you are, or how ignorant you think we are, it’s just not there. And continuing to act as if you can reveals so much more about you than you realize.

Assumption STILL makes an ass out of you and me. When you’re arrogant enough to think you know what we, the American people are thinking, what we value, and what we hold dear, and then proceed to “speak on our behalf”, then not only are you an ass, you’re an insulting, contemptuous ass. And you’re attempting to make one out of us as well.

Obfuscation, manipulation, and deflection do not diminish Truth. What they do instead is reveal YOU. And the revelation is unmistakable and so very telling.

What it comes down to really, is the difference between politics and leadership. And regardless of your attempts to hide behind your scripted narration, make no mistake, we see it clearly.

Truth is. It cannot be manipulated. It cannot be diminished or strengthened. It exists regardless of your attempts to alter or ignore it. And while Truth and its revelation are undoubtedly your greatest fear, it is and will always be our greatest strength.

So, while your focus remains on tearing down, disrupting, demonizing, and dismantling, our focus is on building up, supporting, and preserving our heritage, “So that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

In closing, while we recognize your distaste of policing of any kind when it comes to your own agenda, you are not opposed at all to using the very same tactics to suppress voices contrary to your own, regardless of the First Amendment. But you’ve really left us with no other options. Since you control the very platforms available to us in which to practice our constitutional rights, we must also use these very same outlets to raise our own voices, regardless of how often or even if they will be heard. We understand your algorithms. And while they’re designed to quell our voices they’ll never silence us completely.


We the People

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