10 Simple Things You Can Do While Quarantined

by: JN Fenwick, author/editor | In the Eye of the Storm, In the Aftermath of the Storm, and Four Weeks

Staying home can be kind of boring. But it’s necessary for our continued health and well-being. If we want to flatten the curve and see this virus diminish, it’s imperative.

Yes, it goes against our nature. We are a society of goers. Of doers. Of never sitting still. But like all things, we were never in control. And maybe the Universe is trying to remind us of that.

In my community, after Hurricane Michael in 2018, we banded together and did what had to be done. This is no different. Except we are not without power, without clean water, without internet and cable services. We are not surrounded by piles of debris and shell shocked by the carnage …yet. It’s what we do now that will make the strongest difference down the road.

So yeah, we’re staying home. Our cities are shutting down. But we’re not without resources, except maybe toilet paper and Clorox wipes, which seem to be perpetually absent. We can deal with that. And even though we can’t mingle socially, there are still so many positive ways we can contribute and personally thrive. We can:

Make time every day to pray and give thanks. It is only through our constant faith, especially in times of crisis, that we find peace. “The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still,” Exodus 14:14.

If you’re lucky, like I am, to have an employer that allows you to telework, be grateful. And do what you can to support your local economy!

Support Local Restaurants by ordering take-out or delivery for as long as you’re able. These businesses need our patronage now more than ever.

If you, like me, can’t go to your aesthetician, beauty salon, etc., you can still order products. I placed an order to my aesthetician over the phone this morning and she is mailing my product. I didn’t realize how much that would mean to her, a single mom of three who is self-employed and struggling because her business requires personal contact to thrive. Most people in the service industries only make an income when they are working. Remember them and support when and how you can.

Catch up on your reading. Something we never seem to have time for. If you haven’t yet read our Storm books, they are available free through Kindle Unlimited or you can purchase hard copies. Either way, all proceeds benefit Hurricane Michael Relief. Something that’s still greatly needed in our area. The books are uplifting and hopeful. We need that right now.

Pull out those craft projects you keep putting off! Make something cheerful and bright!

Organize those closets and cabinets you keep meaning to purge. Wash clothing you no longer wear and make up bags for donation after the crisis has passed.

Be adventurous. Make up a new recipe with items you have on hand. Work out in the yard. Photograph the wildlife that lives in your backyard. Start a quarantine journal and fill it with all the things you’re grateful for. Things you may have missed in the everyday rush.

Meditate. Meditation and focused breathing are essential to true presence and peace. Now is the perfect time to begin the practice. In fact, try some yoga, Pilates, or strength training at home. There are so many online programs for free. Never have time to exercise. Well, you do now!

Rest. Sit outside. Soak up a little sun every day. Be still for a while. It’ll do your soul good!

As we continue to move through this crisis, my family and I are continuing our prayers for health and blessings for us all.