In the Aftermath of the Storm

The moon last night shining through the bare branches of the only tree left standing in our yard after Hurricane Michael. Bent, not broken. Weary, but undeterred.

Bathed in moonlit shadows.
Bearing the deepest scars.
Your comrades have departed.
Lost in the tide of war.
Valiantly you bloom.
Bare branches sprouting green.
Coloring our landscape, 
Undeterred by what you’ve seen. 
How like us, so weary.
Yet, daring to rise once more.
Turning to face each new day. 
In the aftermath of the storm.

Jennifer N. Fenwick, author | In the Eye of the Storm: Stories of Survival and Hope from the Florida Panhandle. |Coming, October 2019, In the Aftermath of the Storm: Stories of Hope and Healing.