Ode to the Eighties

The 1980’s were a decade unto themselves. Honestly, I’ve been more than surprised that in the last few years, some of those trends that marked my years of high school and college are resurfacing. Mom jeans, aka high-waisted jeans to us; shoulder pads (YIKES); neon (Lord help us!).

That’s me in the middle with my two sisters-in-law. We were the eighties on crack!

TV shows like Stranger Things and Black Mirror’s San Junipero episode may be to blame. But whatever the culprit, the eighties are back in force.

I honestly thought we’d never revisit those days – or maybe I hoped! When I look at pictures of my big hair and my husband’s mullet, I actually laugh uproariously! We both do. Those crop tops and the aerobics attire I wore so proudly have long been given away; though my daughters found some pictures! (Mortified!)

I met my husband, John in the eighties. Pictures of us during that time show a young couple who epitomized the decade that brought us together.

Mullet anyone?!

Recently, in a fit of rare nostalgia, I came across some of those pictures (must find better hiding place!), and the images inspired a little trip down memory lane.

If the eighties are your decade too, I hope you enjoy this little diddy!

Big hair, spandex, mullets, ripped jeans.

Break dancing, boom boxes, shoes like jelly beans.

Hacky-Sack, arcades, Nintendo marathons.

Prince invited us to party like it was ninety-nine.

Jennifer Flash-Danced herself into Fame,

While Prince flooded our souls with deep Purple Rain.

We joined in the Breakfast Club. Took a Day Off with Ferris.

Wore leotards as street clothes, not the least bit embarrassed.

Leg warmers, shoulder pads, high-waisted jeans.

Madonna Like a Virgin? And Michael Jackson reigned.

The Seagulls were flocking. We were Saved by the Bell.

A Nightmare on Elm Street scared us like hell.

Walkman when running and aerobics with Jane.

Rubik’s Cubes, Ghetto Blasters, and Rock that had Glam.

Cyndi Lauper reminded us, Girls Wanna Have Fun.

While Bruce Willis died hard, and the Jedi Returned.

Goonies, Ghostbusters, Harrison Ford Lost an Ark.

Molly turned Sixteen, though her family forgot.

E.T. and Moonwalking street corner jams.

There will never be a decade like the eighties again.

Jennifer N. Fenwick | Former aerobics instructor (I wouldn’t lie about that) and big-haired eighties survivor!