We’re ALL Guilty of This, Myself Included.

In this age of social media, and instantaneous sharing, we sometimes share too much. And not necessarily in ways designed to build each other up. Instead we use the platforms, from the safety of perceived obscurity, to publicly condemn, rebuke, and chastise people whose opinions and/or choices differ from our own. 

We hide behind our religion, our politics, our pedigrees, doctrine, and dogma, to spew words of discord and even hate. We justify our behavior using these very same instruments, pulling only those passages, quotes, data, that bolster our own positions. Often taken out of context and most likely skewed in our favor, we wield these justifications like weapons.

It’s ironic really, the way we judge and condemn others while at the same time displaying the very same deficiencies we accuse them of having, yet, thinking we’re somehow “wiser,” “more Christian,” “more informed” than they. And therefore, justified.

We stand on that premise a lot these days. Justified. Vindicated. Validated. Words that have somehow become more important than, humility, compassion, understanding.

From behind your coveted doctrine,

you spew your words of hate.

Words serving no other purpose 

than your bitter soul to sate.

You pick and choose the passages,

that bolster your esteem.

Without truly understanding 

what they really mean.

Your feeble shield lies wanting,

yet you wield it like a sword.

Imbuing all your anger,

into hateful, damning words.

And still you speak of tolerance,

while passing judgment without thought.

Demeaning, bitter diatribes,

the weapons that you wrought.

Don’t speak to me of love,

while you hide behind such hate.

Don’t lecture of forgiveness,

when you’ve barred that opened gate.

And don’t you dare try to convince me,

that you’re only seeking peace,

when harmful, bruising invectives 

are all that you release. 

From behind your coveted doctrine,

you wither and you waste.

Not understanding your own choices 

have locked you in this place.

Jennifer N. Fenwick | © 2019

When will we learn that rather than our achievements or pedigrees, it’s our actions and our words that show the true measure of who we are. In short, we need to be careful in which direction we point our fingers and unleash our tongues.  Because, rest assured, in the end, we are most certainly shining the spotlight brightest on ourselves. 

Jennifer N. Fenwick, |author, Four Weeks and In the eye of the Storm

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  1. Agree, for the same amount of energy a healthy dose of humility, compassion, understanding, kindness, gentleness and tact will take us a lot further.

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