No Escape

Working on the sequel to In the Eye of the Storm, there are so many images around me that continually inspire words. So many of the stories I receive from contributors are hard to get through. The pain is so raw. But then, so is the hope. I find that I am ever grateful that these souls entrust their words, their poetry, their art to me. There’s so much healing in this form of expression. So much desperately needed healing.

In the Aftermath of the Storm will be released on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Michael. Like it’s predecessor, all money earned will go to the United Way of Northwest Florida’s Hurricane Michael Relief Fund. 100% of donations to this fund remain in the Panhandle to assist with local recovery efforts.

We understand.

The need for escape.

To move on.

As though all is well.

But we can’t, you see.

We, who lived through that day.

The reminders are all around us.

We see them at every turn.

It’s in the barren limbs.

Of the trees left standing.

In the broken remains.

Of the structures left crumbling.

In the weary eyes.

Of the souls left struggling.

On every corner.

We see the aftermath.

The war-torn remnants.

The ever-present reminders.

We understand.

But for us, escape is not an option.

This is our home.

This storm ravaged landscape.

Is part of everything we are.

We cannot turn away.

Cannot unsee the destruction.

Cannot unhear the raging winds.

Cannot unfeel the fear.

We remember.

All that was.

We grieve.

All that’s been lost.

We long.

Oh, how we long.

For rest. For healing.

For our determination to be enough.

We understand.

And we pray.

How fervently we pray.

For ourselves.

And for you.

That you never have to live,

through a hell like this one.

Jennifer N. Fenwick | Author, In the Eye of the Storm

Image by Sharon Owens