There’s Magic In You

Congratulations to my two beautiful nieces!
I cannot wait to see where your journeys take you next!

It’s graduation season. And like every year, the excitement, the promise, the energy of new beginnings is in the air.

I’ve always loved this time of year. Especially when I was still teaching. Watching my students embrace their futures with such passion and hope reaffirmed, every year, why I chose the profession. The calling. For it truly is a calling.

There’s often not much joy in the day-to-day, but oh how transformative it is when those tiny moments of knowing you are making a difference are glimpsed.

Our society doesn’t hold teachers in the regard they should. For all the years of education and certifications we’re required to have, the pay is never equal to the investment. Add to that how much we all spend out-of-pocket every year on supplies and materials for our classrooms. And the endless hours of planning, preparation, grading, parent-teacher conferences, meetings, and continuing education courses required of us, and many question our sanity in choosing such a profession. But we did, we do, and we will, choose it over and over again.

Our reward is found in the lives we touch, the passions we ignite, the gifts we encourage, and in the learning itself. Always the learning. For we learn as much from the lives entrusted to us as we ever teach them. So, to all the graduates, the teachers, the families celebrating another successful academic year, to you I offer congratulations for a job well done.

Thank you for teaching, for learning, for dreaming, for growing – together.

Jennifer N. Fenwick, author, Four Weeks and In the Eye of the Storm.