Redeeming Rain

Redeemed by His blood,

That pours down like rain.

Cleansing my soul,

Removing its stains.

Showering me in Grace,

For all I have done.

With the promise of eternity,

My chains are undone.

Shattering the darkness,

Restoring the light.

Lifting my blindness,

Returning my sight.

Bearing the scars,

Taking my shame.

Setting me free,

Through the power of His name.

Opening His arms,

Stretched wide on the cross.

Surrendering His life,

To recover the lost.

Rising again,

He conquered the grave.

Defeating all death,

The price has been paid.

Washed clean by His mercy,

Delivered from the flood.

Saved by the power,

Of His redeeming blood.

~ Jennifer Nelson Fenwick (© 2018)