Category 5

We didn’t need the confirmation.

We already knew.

We felt the devastating winds.

Saw with our own eyes,

all the storm surge swept away.

We’ve lived in the aftermath.

Without help. Without relief.

Relentlessly. Since that day.

We’ve keenly felt the deaths.

The catastrophic devastation.

The destruction to our homes

and cities. Our livelihoods. Our spirit.

We understood, from the beginning.

the daunting task before us.

We cry for our children.

For the homeless. For the beaten.

For the broken.

We help where we can.

Give what we can.

Comfort where we can.

Pray. Hope.

We always will.

We didn’t need confirmation.

From the beginning we understood.

This was always Category 5.

Maybe now, the world will understand.

And see us too.

~ Jennifer N. Fenwick | In the Eye of the Storm