No, We’re Not ‘Ok’

On February 22nd I wrote a blog about current conditions in the Florida Panhandle following Hurricane Michael. I had recently experienced a few encounters with individuals who had absolutely no idea what conditions are like just over the Hathaway Bridge in Bay and surrounding counties.

They went so far as to say that things weren’t really that bad. That aside from, “a few downed trees and damaged buildings,” things were pretty good. I was shocked.

Needless to say, these people were visitors to Panama City Beach and had not traveled over the bridge into the storm ravaged areas.

I wrote the piece to correct a few misconceptions and to raise awareness of the actual difficulties and heartbreak this region is suffering daily in the aftermath of this historical storm.

I’m reblogging it here to encourage those outside the Florida Panhandle to read and share. If for no other reason, then to educate themselves so they can correct misconceptions and promote facts; to be an informed voice for this region.

We are definitely not ok. It will be many years and a tremendous amount of hard work to restore this area to what it was before October 10, 2018. Continued prayers and support are much needed and appreciated.