In This Moment, This is Who We Are

In this moment, 
this is who we are.
Bent, but not broken. 
Bruised, but not defeated.
Weary, but still standing.
In this moment, 
this is part of our story, 
part of all we are becoming,
but not the sum of who we are. 
In this moment,
this is but a chapter in our 
weathered, tattered book.
The wounds may be enduring, 
but the scars will never define us.

© 2019 Jennifer N. Fenwick In the Eye of the Storm: Stories of Survival and Hope from the Florida Panhandle. Available now on Amazon. All money earned from book sales goes directly to the United Way of Northwest Florida Hurricane Micheal Relief Fund. 100% of donations to the Hurricane fund remain in the Florida Panhandle to assist with recovery.