Broken Soldiers

Silhouetted against a misty dawn,
stalwart soldiers stand.
Broken limb to broken limb,
bare shadows, of all they used to be.
Scarred, damaged, 
marked by destruction.
Caught in a strange abyss.
That foggy transition 
between what they were,
and all they long to be again.
Shadowed, broken soldiers.
A metaphor for us, perhaps?
We, the survivors.
The scarred, bruised, and hurting.
Caught in that hazy expanse,
between all we were,
and all our weary, grieving hearts 
yearn to be once more.

~ © 2019 Jennifer N. Fenwick

© 2019 Jennifer N. Fenwick In the Eye of the Storm: Stories of Survival and Hope from the Florida Panhandle avalable now on AMAZON.

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