Battered, Bruised, and Broken: In the Aftermath

Battered, bruised, and broken,
the world outside moved on.
Attention turned to other things,
while we struggle to carry on.

Boiled down to the basics,
survival our constant goal.
Recovery and rebuilding 
in the aftermath of this storm.

Mere shadows of the past,
our world, our land, our homes.
Nothing here to remind us, 
of the past we used to know. 

Just reminders of what was, 
of what will never be again. 
And the deep and lasting grooves 
of the grief beneath our skin.

Why? The resounding question
that echoes through our souls.
Why has the world forgotten,
while we cannot let go?

We’ve lived with this destruction,
since the day the fury came.
And altered what was once our home,
what we pray will be again.

When will we see the sunrise 
on trees full and filled with green?
Rather than the barren branches 
the sun has lately seen?

When will we, the survivors,
who often don’t know how to feel,
escape this desolation, 
and truly begin to heal? 

Battered, bruised, and broken,
the world may have moved on,
while here within the aftermath,
we fight to carry on.

© 2019 Jennifer N. Fenwick,  In the Eye of the Storm: Stories of Survival and Hope from the Florida Panhandle. Available now on AMAZON. All money earned from book sales benefits the United Way of northwest Florida’s Hurricane Michael Relief fund. 100% of all Hurricane donations will be applied to LOCAL relief efforts in the Northwest Florida Panhandle. #850strong