In the Eye of the Storm #1 New Release in Natural Disasters

Thank you Neysa Wilkins and WJHG for the beautiful job you did in telling our story. And, In the Eye of the Storm is our story. Our community’s story. Our shared experience. Our belief in each other and our hope for the future.

Thank you to all who contributed and allowed me to share their words and pictures. Thank you to every one who has purchased and read the book; for your kind words and support.

Thank you, Jane Smith for being my partner in sharing our story. We have miles to go, but in this, in rebuilding our homes and communities, we are together.

We chose the United Way of Northwest Florida Hurricane Micheal Relief and Disaster Fund because 100% of donations stay right here, in our LOCAL community, assisting with LOCAL relief and recovery.

Bryan Taylor, UWNWFL President and Chief Executive Officer, and his team, along with the many volunteers who support the UWNWFL, work tirelessly under normal circumstances to assist this area. Since Hurricane Michael, they have turned their efforts 100% toward recovery and relief. Every book purchased is enabling them to do more; is making a difference right here, where it’s most needed.

In the Eye of the Storm is the result of a community effort and includes contributions from: Malinda Adams, Linda Artman, Jessica Ayers, Jared Brooks, Heather Clements, Ashley Davis, Jason Davis, Kevin Elliott, Emma Rose Fenwick, John Eric Fenwick, Nichole Fenwick, Erica McNabb Floyd, Jeff Haire, Melinda JD Hall, Jack Hamm, Jason Hedden, Kim Mixon Hill, Karsun Design Photography, Sandi Klüg-Lard, Laura James McManus, Tony Miller, Ab Nelson, Bekah Nelson, Johanna Rucker, Lauren Shelton, Cindy K Sickles, Tony Simmons, and Jane Smith.

In the Eye of the Storm is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Get your copy today and leave a review to help us increase sales that benefit the Florida Panhandle! #panhandlestrong #850strong

“I have family who lost everything, but we’ll rebuild. Our town will never be the same, but we’re still here. Our houses and vehicles may never be the same, but we’re STILL here. We will overcome this. Praise God for protecting my family during this storm and for the beauty of life. Now it’s the moments moving forward that matter most, one day at a time. It’s the moments of not having anything, but actually having EVERYTHING. These are the moments I cherish now.” ~ Rebekah Nelson, In the Eye of the Storm, contributor