Rough Road Ahead

Rough road ahead.
Marks the beginning.
This road so unlike 
Those that came before.
Nothing prepares you
For the scene that meets the eye.
Nothing equips you 
For the shortness of breath,
The bone-deep heartbreak.
This road leads to the center.
The eye passed over here.
Ground zero it’s called.
For miles it continues.
For miles it radiates outward.
Destructive ripples of a shattering
So thoroughly complete,
So devastating and present.
Rough road ahead.
Miles of carnage to travel.
Miles of broken to heal.
Miles of agony to withstand.
Miles of desolation to rebuild.
Rough road ahead
Marks the beginning.
But where, please tell me where
is the end?

© 2019 Jennifer N. Fenwick
Photos by Tony Miller

In the Eye of the Storm: Stories of Survival and Hope from the Florida Panhandle. Coming to Amazon, January 24.