Before and After

Before and after. 
Just words really. 
Used to describe a snapshot in time. Before I met you. After you were born. 
Not much thought given, until now.
Before is all that was. 
Before the storm.
Before the destruction. 
Before our lives were stripped bare 
and broken. Before this unrelenting heartbreak. Before.
After is all that is. 
After that day.
After the storm had passed.
After we were allowed to go home.
After we learned our house was gone.
After the blue tarps. After all the broken 
trees were cut. After my job was gone. After they finally removed the debris.
After my hometown was destroyed.
After my life was stripped bare and broken. After.
Before and after.
Just words really.
Words used to describe a snapshot in time. The one that changed us forever.

© 2019 Jennifer N. Fenwick
Photo by John Fenwick

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