Bless this Humble Christmas

Our Christmas tree was destroyed during Hurricane Michael, so this year we fashioned our tree out of the remnants of our broken fence. Christmas trees are hard to come by in this area, so many people, like us, have gotten creative this Holiday. Debris, stacks of water bottles, wood scraps, pieces of damaged street and business signs, have all become stand-ins for the trees that usually grace area homes. We may be broken, but we’re still #850strong. 

The debris piles are almost gone 
Blue tarps coming down
As new roofs go up
Strings of twinkle lights
Providing illumination
For absent street lamps
The land looks so barren
This Christmas. 
Scarred. Broken.
A stark juxtaposition 
Against the wisps of Holiday cheer
Striving valiantly to fill the 
Jagged cracks left by the storm.
With makeshift trees proudly wearing 
Hand-crafted ornaments standing tall beneath 
Golden angels and glowing stars
Faithful reminders of humble beginnings.
Of silent nights from long ago.
A joyous reminder of all that remains.
Oh, bless this simple, heartfelt Christmas
This healing, hopeful, humble Christmas 
This grateful, genuine, gentle Christmas 
From this rugged, resilient city by the Bay.

© 2018 Jennifer Nelson Fenwick