Where Have the Trees Gone?

From our storm damaged fence, a Christmas Tree was made. Hurricane Michael may have destroyed most of the trees in the Florida Panhandle, but our spirit and determination remain. #850strong

Where have the trees all gone?
In this season, when trees are a
Symbol of new birth and life?
Oh. Yes, they were taken by the storm.
Torn from their growing places
Roots and limbs left exposed and bare.
Their branches bowed beneath
The force of the relentless wind.
Where have the trees all gone?
The ones left behind, lonely sigils
Over barren land, weeping at the loss.
Don’t be discouraged, they whisper,
New life will come. See? My new
leaves already sprouting? In time,
I will cast shadows and shade once more.
Until then, use my broken branches
Collect my withered limbs and upon
Their bows, hang lights and holly.
Place your treasured globes upon
my naked wood and believe with me.
The sun will rise tomorrow,
Our Savior’s blessed birth
heralded by the dawn.

© 2018 Jennifer Nelson Fenwick