Ordinary Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

“Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” ― Daryn Kagan

Ordinary people

with lives torn and broken

sifting through piles 

that resemble debris

but are instead, memories 

precious pieces of homes, 

of lives relentlessly altered.

Ordinary people

emerging from darkness

to a world battered and barren 

reaching out to aid 

neighbors once strangers 

and strangers now friends

bound by this tragedy 

of destruction unimagined.

Ordinary people

walking unfamiliar roads

littered with carnage 

unrecognizable and foreign

mourning for a city

its people, its past,

reshaped and overwhelming 

Ordinary people 

rising from the ashes

seeing past the miles of destruction 

focusing on a future 

burgeoning with potential

shouldering the amassing burdens

of those left with nothing 

easing their daunting loads 

while their own is still so heavy.

Ordinary people? 

Nothing here is ordinary.

Unimaginable, unfamiliar 

Unthinkable and staggering.

Ordinary was swept away 

by the violence of the storm.

In its place, extraordinary people

extraordinary determination, and 

extraordinary faith were born. 

© 2018 Jennifer Nelson Fenwick