One More Shaking Step

I hear the rumbling drill

The scream of saw on metal

He’s taking down the carport

Crushed beneath the storm

The tree’s already gone

Remnants resting by the curb

Piles of limbs and branches

Lying next to piles of desolate debris

Discarded pieces of our home

Broken pieces of memories

A life carelessly altered

A storm whose name I’ll not forget

Whose loud and thundering winds

Have seeped beneath my bones

Crushing more than just 

The battered landscape all around us

A landscape so barren now

Like the emptiness that often fills me

When my soul, weary and torn

Screams, I can’t do this anymore!

The breath straining in my lungs 

Eyes turning to the heavens 

Praying for the strength

For the God-given will 

To take just one more step 

One more shaking step forward 

In this strange, new world. 

© 2018 Jennifer Nelson Fenwick