Boarded Up But Open

Today I came across this video by Ruby Tilghman . It’s been over a month since Hurricane Michael ravaged our area. Day to day, the progress is hard to see. This video reminded me that we have moved forward. That progress continues to be made. If you look hard enough, it’s there. Thank God. It is there.

Boarded up but open

The sign spray painted says

Sheets of plywood over

Where glass once gleamed instead 

Navigate around the piles

Resting in our parking lot

We may not have all that you need

But we’ll give you what we’ve got

A smile that says you’re welcome

Inside our broken store

A helping hand to guide you

To what you’re looking for

It may just be a kind word 

We can offer you today 

But we gladly give that to you

As we send you on your way

We will be back in time 

To the way we used to be 

For now, we’ll do our very best

To get you what you need.

Boarded up but open

Still standing firm and strong

With roots that go much deeper

Than the path cut by this storm. 

© 2018 Jennifer Nelson Fenwick #850strong