The Poetry of Michael: Your Grace is Enough

Since Hurricane Michael swept through our area, the days have been long. The road ahead, oh so daunting. Yet, every day I am witness to a moment of beauty, a word of comfort, and so much hope. From these, the poetry of Michael emerges.

In need of a miracle

After facing the storm

Healing our cities

Our lives and our homes

Turning the destruction

Into beauty again

Filling our spirits

As each day begins

Reminding us even

As our hearts hurt and grieve

That You are the giver 

Of this life we’ve received

No battles before us

Will our weary souls face

That you have not shattered

With Your unfailing grace

In the midst of the struggles

From these ashes we’ll rise

For it’s Your hand that steadies

The winds and the tides 

Showering Your mercy

Willing weak hearts to trust

That even in this storm

Your Grace is enough. 

©️ 2018 Jennifer Nelson Fenwick #850strong