Miles of Broken, From the Art of Michael

The Art of Michael is a group of Florida Panhandle artists and writers who have come together to share their work inspired by the destruction and aftermath of Hurricane Michael. There is pain, but also hope in their art.

Miles and miles of debris

Line streets once shaded

By trees of green.

The trees are gone.

Those left, bare,

Broken guards watching over

Broken fences

Broken homes

Broken lives.

Miles and miles of memories 

Placed on signless curbs 

Separated piles of

Broken furniture

Broken livelihoods

Broken dreams. 

Miles and miles to go

With heavy hearts 

Beating in determined chests

Willing broken lives

To emerge from broken homes

With new dreams 

Renewed hope

Renewed vision

To see past all that’s broken

To the beauty that remains.

New leaves on broken trees

Standing guard against sunlit skies

Pointing to stars that grace

Cloudless nights

Reaching to Heaven knowing 

Tomorrow will bring a new dawn

Renewed breath 

Renewed faith 

Renewed strength 

And the will to restore all that’s broken. 

©️ 2018 Jennifer Nelson Fenwick