I Am With You

Who calmed the wind,

And stilled the waves?

Gave us strength,

In those first days?

Provided hope,

When there was none?

Renewed our faith,

With the rising sun?

Breathed His life

Into our lungs?

Cleared the way

For the work to be done?

Walks with us,

Down this broken road?

Eases our burdens,

Shoulders our load?

Never turns His eyes

From our struggles and our pain?

Heals our many wounds

Through the power of His name?

He was there through the storm,

Through the darkness of night.

He was there in the morning,

When the sun shed its light.

He was there when our eyes,

First beheld the destruction.

There when the tears fell,

From hearts torn and broken.

His presence is steadfast,

His mercy unending.

Trust in His promise,

This is just the beginning.

He will lead us without fail,

Down the long road ahead.

Turning all that’s broken,

Into relentless hope instead.

Through Him, we are restored,

Through Him, we will prevail.

His unfailing love,

Will guide us through this hell.

For that is His great promise,

Renewed as each day dawns,

“Through trials and tribulations,

I am with you through the storm.”

©️2018 Jennifer Nelson Fenwick