Hope In the Darkest of Moments

In the middle of the destruction of Hurricane Michael, my book Four Weeks went live on Amazon. It’s about hope, something the Florida Panhandle needs in abundance right now. God never promised a life without storms, but He did promise to walk beside us through every one. I have seen and felt His presence through it all.

In the wake of the devastation left by Hurricane Michael, I am grateful for the little things that remind me that God is with us through the storm and always. His promise is HOPE, and that we have in abundance as we begin to rebuild our homes, cities, and region.


I hear your cries,

Know the burdens you carry.

I will not forsake you,

Or leave you in need to tarry.

In the darkness of the night,

I stand steadfast by your side.

And when the sun’s new rays,

Break through the deepening night.

I know your hurts,

See the scars the storm imparted.

I will shoulder your heavy load,

Until the seas have parted.

I know your fears,

I feel each and every one.

Now that the storm has passed,

And rebuilding has begun.

All this too shall pass,

As I’ve promised from the start.

Keep your eyes on Me,

Remaining faithful in your heart.

I know your hurts,

Understand the pain you’re going through.

My peace flows like a river,

Healing all as it passes through.

Cling to my great promise,

Let hope be your constant guide.

I am your shield and fortress,

I’ll stem the rising tide.

As each new day dawns brighter,

Than the one that dawned before.

Turn your eyes to Heaven,

For the strength you’re searching for.

I hear your every prayer,

Each voice you raise to Me.

Each day you’ll see Me working,

Through all who will believe.

That you are My great hands and feet,

Moving down this path I’ve laid.

Guiding all who hear My voice,

Into every bright new day.

©️Jennifer Nelson Fenwick