From my new book, Four Weeks, available on Amazon, October 16. Truly, I never understood the meaning of unconditional love until I held my daughters for the first time. In that moment, I knew with certainty, that all my previous notions of motherhood paled in comparison to the depth and breadth of what I felt for these two little souls. It has only grown as the years pass.

Of all the things I’ve done in my life,

My greatest treasure,

Is being your mom and a wife.

The first time I held you both,

I counted your toes.

Gazed into your eyes,

And kissed your sweet nose.

Each day as you grew,

I looked on with pride.

Counting my blessings,

With your dad at my side.

You’ve always amazed me,

In so many ways.

Each moment, each hour,

And all of your days.

You’ve both grown in beauty,

And unfailing strength.

You’ve climbed your own mountains,

And walked their full length.

There were times I had to step back,

And let you go first.

You never ceased to amaze me,

As you grew in self-worth.

Each struggle, each heartache,

I would’ve taken as my own.

Though you had to go through it,

You always came home.

Stronger and wiser,

For conquering your fears.

I’ve seen you slay dragons,

And fight through your tears.

You’re both the very best,

Of all that I am.

Unfailing, unbending,

You’ve withstood the wind.

As time has gone by,

I can’t help but see.

That God gave me the world,

When he gave you to me.

~ Jennifer Nelson Fenwick (© 2018)