From my new book, Four Weeks: A Journey from Darkness, now available for pre-order on Amazon. The story of recovery told through the poetry and reflections I recorded in my journals daily. A story of hope.

Even in my darkest moments, God was there. When I believed I was not worthy, He, did not forsake me. When I finally fell, His arms reached out. He lifted me. He carried me. He never faltered.

In the darkness, I lift my eyes to You.

You reach out and deliver me from pain.

Your grace assures me now, that I will never be the same.

In my hours of grief, I fall down on my knees.

You wrap Your arms around me.

Your peace assures me now, that my soul’s forever free.

In my deepest shame, I lay down at Your feet.

You lift my face to find You.

Your sacrifice assures me, that my past is now erased.

In my overwhelming despair, You calm the rage within,

And deliver me from darkness.

Your faithfulness assures me now that I can finally rest.

In every moment, I turn my face to You,

You never leave my side.

Your steadfast presence assures me now, that in You all is made right.

And when I finally surrender,

Placing my life within Your hands.

Your promise assures me now, that Your love will have no end.

© 2018 Jennifer Nelson Fenwick