Thank You Jesus

Today I was reminded of all the goodness and mercy Jesus showers upon my life daily. He is always steadfast. He is always faithful.

Thank You, Jesus

Thank you Jesus for loving me
For delivering me from the depths of my despair
For holding on to me when I so often
Forgot that you were there
Thank you Jesus for dying on that cross
For suffering so that I too might live
For sacrificing everything
For giving all you had to give
For delivering me
From the grip of all my chains
For showering me with your endless mercy
And cleansing me in your precious healing rain
Thank you Jesus for loving me
With such deep abiding love
For granting me abundant peace
For your steadfast presence from above
Thank you Jesus for everything you are
For reminding me each and every day
That your endless strength and grace
Guide every single step I take
Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes to see
For giving me ears that seek to hear
A voice that longs to speak
So that my words and hands and feet
Proclaim forever that you are always near
Thank you Jesus for this life I’ve found in you
For your constant never ending love
For holding me within the safety of your arms
And for preparing a place before me
So that in time I’ll abide with you forever
In your kingdom up above.

~ Jennifer Nelson Fenwick (© 2018)
Photo Credit: Emma Rose Fenwick